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This edition of the Bankenfachverband's annual report highlights the theme of fairness and how credit banks work to ensure it with responsible financing, financial security solutions and fair credit conditions. It explores much-discussed topics of interest rates, transparent pricing, scoring and credit insurance thereby expanding on the concept developed the during its relaunch while retaining a consistent and modern look.


The Bankenfachverband represents the interests of its 52 member banks and their 80,000 employees to politicians, banking regulatory authorities, consumer protection organisations, and the general public. As of 31 December 2018, the members of the Bankenfachverband had a loan portfolio worth 182 billion euros – providing loans for 1.9 million motor vehicles in 2017. The theme of fairness is at the heart of the annual report relaunched by muehlhausmoers, which is given fresh life with a contemporary look. The cover combines artwork based on the logo with a photo that visualises the lead topic. In terms of content, the report addresses current issues such as the digitalisation of the lending business. The compelling messages, topics and facts are divided into three chapters with large-format visuals that lend the topics more emotion. Numerous graphically presented key figures provide information on the issues of consumer, investment and vehicle financing.