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“Experience” is not just a marketing buzzword, but a central need. Something that Volkswagen recognized early on with Autostadt. But how do you turn the essence of a physical location into a tangible experience for everyone? With stories that make you want to discover Autostadt as a travel destination and learn more about the exciting Volkswagen brands. Simply: “Experience Together”.


Our idea appeals to the existing community and at the same time attracts new visitors. With the further development of the print magazine “Autostadt & Leben” and the digital “Autostadt Stories,” we are devoting ourselves to stories about mobility, innovations and sustainability. Each issue of the 40-page print magazine focuses on a particular topic and covers social, technological and cultural aspects. Exclusive online stories, videos, infographics and additional information complement the print magazine and invite readers to delve deeper. In addition to the magazine, there is also the “City Guide” – a removable booklet that provides a quick overview of dates, offers, activities and opening hours. “Experience” is more than a physical place.