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From a single project to a comprehensive communication strategy along with its implementation – our competence portfolio offers you the appropriate tool. The objective is clearly defined: predictable and measurable success.



Every company, every brand has its own special power. Our expertise lies in revealing this power and making it tangible. We listen, conduct comprehensive analysis and jointly develop a strategy that covers all relevant channels. The result: greater impact and more proximity to the target group.

Communication and chanel strategy
Customer experience strategy
Digital Communication strategy
Brand and product positioning

K+S Social media marketing and employee communication


The best strategy doesn’t accomplish much if the content isn’t right. Reaching people in a manner that touches and moves them – that’s what motivates us to develop our editorial competence stories and content. These create long-term relationships and unite people and brands in a way that makes a difference. Conception and distribution are the supporting pillars of strategic storytelling. Their power is measurable and enduring.

Publishing concept
Content strategy
360° Editorial planning


A strong brand requires a strong appearance. A face. It needs to be unmistakable and instantly recognisable, regardless of whether it’s in print form, digital or a moving image. Our design team adopts a clear stance: gripping visuals hone attention to your content. They frequently end up being the story.

Editorial Design
UI- und UX-Design
Visual Design
Motion Design


Anyone wanting to reach people nowadays needs more than just good content. An intricate understanding of the technological tools and digital opportunities has long been just as important in bringing the content to individuals – indeed exactly when and where it has the most effective impact. Whether it’s the mobile app or content platform to be used, our technology team knows precisely what’s required.

Frontend- and backend Development
Corporate Websites, Microsites, Apps
Digital product development