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Volunteering is a matter of the heart, and this is exactly what the annual report of the Kölner Freiwilligen Agentur (Cologne’s volunteer agency) should convey. We’ve designed it like a lovely diary. Compelling texts are artistically illustrated and devoted to a different key topic each year.

Kölner Freiwilligen Agentur

Reporting 2021

The Kölner Freiwilligen Agentur motivates Cologne’s citizens to support people in need. They help volunteers in finding the right role for themselves in choosing to donate their time and energy to one of the more than four hundred social, ecological and intercultural organisations the agency works with. The hundred-page annual report provides comprehensive information about what Cologne’s volunteers accomplished – and it moves others to volunteer and sponsor the various projects. Texts are complemented with drawings that are as poetic as they are political. We design the report in a classic book format with a different colour every year. The colourful series lined up on a bookshelf very naturally draws people’s attention. We take care of the concept, design and production – and do it every year on a pro bono, volunteer basis.