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Do good and talk about it. The members of the Order of Malta have taken this to heart and, working with us in 2016, compiled an annual report covering the entire organisation. It gives an overview of the diverse tasks carried out by the Order of Malta and presents important aspects of its work in detail.


Annual report

In Germany, more than 50,000 volunteers for the Order of Malta work for people in need. And with around 31,500 full-time employees, the Order of Malta is also one of the largest employers in the health and social services sector. The organisation is divided into several services in Germany. The purpose of our newly developed annual report is to explain this complex structure and, at the same time, to illustrate the varied work undertaken by the organisation. Projects and people are presented journalistically, for example by means of interviews or reports. Large-format photos provide emotion and bring the reader closer to the people the Order helps. We are responsible for project management, editing and design.