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Without data, nothing works in marketing today. Matelso offers a simple and intelligent software solution for this. We supported Matelso in its positioning and developed a flexible branding that is as clear, intelligent and inspiring as the mindset of the company itself.



The ongoing development of data and communication technologies opens up new opportunities for companies. Matelso is a leading MarTech specialist for Digital Customer Experience and Communication Based Lead Management. Together with brand consultant Frank Müller, we supported Matelso in its repositioning. We developed a flexible brand design. Communicating complex technology topics in a customer-oriented way - that was the challenge. The result is a clear brand narrative “Turning Data into successful business stories” and a visually appealing design in black, yellow and grey. The new brand design ensures a high recognition value and a strong differentiation of the brand. New, simple icons help to make the complex contents and processes even more comprehensible. The expressive logo in the shape of an M stands for dynamism and movement. It conveys a feeling of liveliness. With this combination of clear branding and brand narrative, Matelso has repositioned itself - away from being a pure product provider and towards becoming a MarTech specialist for digital customer experience and communication-based lead management.