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Shaping the future together, with an open mind, trust, joint innovation and unique customer solutions. Following a restructuring process, this is how SGL Carbon approaches its business. Their stakeholder magazine “thinc” takes the same approach. The graphic design is clear, reduced, and straightforward. The stories: future-facing, informative and emotional.

SGL Carbon thinc

SGL is a global leader in the development and manufacture of carbon-based solutions. “thinc”, the magazine designed and produced by muehlhausmoers, conveys the company’s strategic restructuring, without frills, and in the process reinforces its new brand with clear and focussed stories that relate to its reinvention. Infographics help to make complex internal topics more accessible to readers while more atmospheric pieces immerse them in the world of SGL. Although the visuals used are orientated around the new corporate design, specially-developed styles provide each story with meta-level consistency. “thinc” is published twice a year in German and English versions, with a print run of around 10,000 copies. We are responsible for the project management, editing, design, and production.