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To be open to the world, to pay attention to what is up-and-coming and new, to look to the forefront and beyond the horizon: that’s what we want to do with the new customer magazine “AHEAD” from AXA Partners. Industry topics are addressed – along with social issues that everyone is talking about. We extend a diverse and varied invitation to the future, one that is both entertaining and grounded.

AXA Partners

AXA Partners knows its way around risks both big and small. We created the German edition of the magazine “AHEAD” also with the idea in mind of keeping customers up to date on the latest developments and trends in their industry. First published in January 2018, the magazine is a collection of articles on international business and industry topics relating to all aspects of insurance solutions and services. Each issue focuses on a specific topic, and from project management to editing through to design and production, we at “AHEAD” are responsible for all relevant editorial and publishing steps.