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Whether in the warehouse or on the production line: In intralogistics, many processes are still fragmented. SYNAOS takes on this task. In the cross-media SYNAOS magazine, we show how companies can increase productivity and efficiency in intralogistics with the help of the software start-up. True to the motto: "SYNCHRONIZING CHAOS".

Today, customer trust is more important than ever. This is especially true for a relatively young start-up company that aspires to revolutionise a conservative industry and shake up the intralogistics market. Whether in the warehouse or on the production line, most processes in intralogistics are still fragmented. SYNAOS has developed a software revolution for the shop floor - the Intralogistics Management Platform of the start-up SYNAOS connects all relevant resources from forklift trucks to autonomously driving robots. To make this innovative company even better known, we developed a cross-media magazine that positions the SYNAOS brand as a forward-looking solution provider and thought leader. With relevant stories and a modern image aesthetic, we link the high relevance of SYNAOS software with trends, insights and innovations from the industry. The thematic landscape creates a link to intralogistics, but also looks at sustainable solutions and demonstrates: SYNAOS is a problem solver – and creates space for problem solvers.