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How do we make the future worth living? What can we do now for tomorrow? And how do you communicate the sustainability commitment and the diverse services of the municipal hospital company Vivantes? Quite simply: with the first integrated annual and sustainability report. Digital, changeable, sustainable.

Vivantes Annual Report

Under the guiding theme of “A future worth living - What we are doing now for tomorrow,” which is equally important in terms of content and graphics, we show the way in which Vivantes, as an important player within the healthcare industry, is driving change, is an attractive employer, and is committed to forward-looking developments in the fields of medicine, care, and infrastructure. The individual topic blocks are based on important corporate areas and activities. Thus, in addition to facts and figures, the focus is on close and human stories. Attributes such as “we” and “cohesion” are reflected authentically. An audio intro and videos bring the personality and closeness to life - and can be filled with new content in the future. muehlhausmoers was responsible for the development of the overall concept, graphic design, editorial preparation of the report, and technical implementation.