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The ultimate goal: To eradicate hunger by 2030. In its annual report, Welthungerhilfe shows what it is doing to make this goal a reality – transparently, informatively and in a way that is worth reading. The annual report provides information on approximately 400 projects worldwide and has already received numerous international awards.


Annual report 2016 online

How and where in the world aid is received, how many donations are received? All the important figures relating to the work of Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e. V. are summarised in the annual report. Here, Welthungerhilfe gives an account of its work and provides information on its approximately 400 projects fighting hunger worldwide. The report is addressed to donors, sponsors, journalists, specialists in development policy and the organisation’s employees. It is published in German and English. Since 2014, Welthungerhilfe has had confidence in our ideas and our project management for production of this vitally important document.